Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies

Summary: This chapter is about presenting and sharing information using multimedia and technology tools. Presentation software, cameras, videos, pod casts and more help students and teachers better express information and get the lesson across. 

Focus Question: Analyze the uses of PowerPoint presentation software for effective teaching and learning.

PowerPoint is one of the most widely used computer programs in the world. In the classroom it gives teachers the ability to present information to students in a way that is visually engaging. PowerPoint has been criticized for oversimplifying complex material and creating uninteresting presentations.But a skilled teacher knows how to make a PowerPoint interesting while still incorporating all relevant information needed for a topic. There are a variety of tools on PowerPoint to do this, including changing text, organizing text in certain ways, adding pictures or videos, adding animation, and much more. To use PowerPoint effectively a teacher must engage students in active participation rather than passive viewing, and recognize who the audience is and what they should leave knowing or remembering.


Tech tool: Streaming Video Resources for Teachers

Streaming video is an important instructional resource at every grade level. Students respond positively to visual learning and many educational videos are found free of charge to teachers. They are found on any computer and a variety of sites. PBS learning media is one example. PBS programs offer fascinating information in visually engaging formats. Many have accompanying websites that provide lesson plans, interactive timelines, additional resource materials, and other features to enhance video viewing in the classroom.


Personal connection: I am definitely more engaged in a classroom when there is something visual to look at. A teacher standing alone lecturing can bore anyone and make students lose interest quickly. But if they are clicking through an interesting PowerPoint as they speak students will be more engaged. Videos are also great attention grabbers that show the information and make it more real to students from my experience.

Text source: Textbook: Transforming Learning with New Technologies

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  1. PowerPoint can be a powerful medium from which to present - it is also a great tool for students to create their own products to demonstrate learning. Unfortunately, it can also be 'over-used' and not well designed. The main focus should remain on how it may transform teaching and learning and not just as a tool. As you point out, multimedia can certainly increase engagement! :)